[release-branch.go1.15] all: merge master into release-branch.go1.15

ba9e108899 cmd: update golang.org/x/xerrors
027d7241ce encoding/binary: read at most MaxVarintLen64 bytes in ReadUvarint
6f08e89ec3 cmd/go: fix error stacks when there are scanner errors
f235275097 net/http: fix cancelation of requests with a readTrackingBody wrapper
f92337422e runtime/race: fix ppc64le build
e49b2308a5 runtime/race: rebuild some .syso files to remove getauxval dependency
10523c0efb doc/go1.15: fix a few trivial inconsistencies
7388956b76 cmd/cgo: fix mangling of enum and union types
b56791cdea runtime: validate candidate searchAddr in pageAlloc.find
10374e2435 testing: fix quotation marks
7f86080476 cmd/compile: don't addLocalInductiveFacts if there is no direct edge from if block to phi block
54e75e8f9d crypto/ed25519: remove s390x KDSA implementation
6b4dcf19fa runtime: hold sched.lock over globrunqputbatch in runqputbatch
85afa2eb19 runtime: ensure startm new M is consistently visible to checkdead
c4fed25553 cmd/compile: add floating point load+op operations to addressing modes pass
19a932ceb8 cmd/link: don't mark shared library symbols reachable unconditionally
8696ae82c9 syscall: use correct file descriptor in dup2 fallback path
9591515f51 runtime, sync: add copyright headers to new files
074f2d800f doc/go1.15: surface the crypto/x509 CommonName deprecation note

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