cmd/compile: establish regabi name/value mapping for small in-params

When the expand_calls phase in the SSA backend lowers prolog OpArg
values into OpArgIntReg/OpArgFloatReg values, we don't always record
the assocation between the new lowered value and the parameter name.

This patch handles the simple case where a given parameter fits into
exactly one register; in this scenario it makes sense to manufacture a
new pseudo-slot for the value that points to the param, and install
the slot/value mapping in the NamedValues table for the function. More
work will be needed to deal with params that span multiple registers;
that will need to be addressed in a subsequent patch.

This change improves the parameter error rate "optargorder" benchmark
by about 7-8% (when run on the optargorder binary).

Updates #45945.

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