cmd/compile: fix checkptr handling of &^

checkptr has code to recognize &^ expressions, but it didn't take into
account that "p &^ x" gets rewritten to "p & ^x" during walk, which
resulted in false positive diagnostics.

This CL changes walkexpr to mark OANDNOT expressions with Implicit
when they're rewritten to OAND, so that walkCheckPtrArithmetic can
still recognize them later.

It would be slightly more idiomatic to instead mark the OBITNOT
expression as Implicit (as it's a compiler-generated Node), but the
OBITNOT expression might get constant folded. It's not worth the extra
complexity/subtlety of relying on n.Right.Orig, so we set Implicit on
the OAND node instead.

To atone for this transgression, I add documentation for nodeImplicit.

Fixes #40917.

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