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// Copyright 2010 The Go Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style
// license that can be found in the LICENSE file.
// Export guts for testing.
package runtime
var Fadd64 = fadd64
var Fsub64 = fsub64
var Fmul64 = fmul64
var Fdiv64 = fdiv64
var F64to32 = f64to32
var F32to64 = f32to64
var Fcmp64 = fcmp64
var Fintto64 = fintto64
var F64toint = f64toint
func entersyscall()
func exitsyscall()
func golockedOSThread() bool
func stackguard() (sp, limit uintptr)
var Entersyscall = entersyscall
var Exitsyscall = exitsyscall
var LockedOSThread = golockedOSThread
var Stackguard = stackguard
type LFNode struct {
Next *LFNode
Pushcnt uintptr
func lfstackpush_go(head *uint64, node *LFNode)
func lfstackpop_go(head *uint64) *LFNode
var LFStackPush = lfstackpush_go
var LFStackPop = lfstackpop_go
type ParFor struct {
body *byte
done uint32
Nthr uint32
nthrmax uint32
thrseq uint32
Cnt uint32
Ctx *byte
wait bool
func newParFor(nthrmax uint32) *ParFor
func parForSetup(desc *ParFor, nthr, n uint32, ctx *byte, wait bool, body func(*ParFor, uint32))
func parForDo(desc *ParFor)
func parForIters(desc *ParFor, tid uintptr) (uintptr, uintptr)
var NewParFor = newParFor
var ParForSetup = parForSetup
var ParForDo = parForDo
func ParForIters(desc *ParFor, tid uint32) (uint32, uint32) {
begin, end := parForIters(desc, uintptr(tid))
return uint32(begin), uint32(end)
func testSchedLocalQueue()
func testSchedLocalQueueSteal()
var TestSchedLocalQueue1 = testSchedLocalQueue
var TestSchedLocalQueueSteal1 = testSchedLocalQueueSteal
func haveGoodHash() bool
func stringHash(s string, seed uintptr) uintptr
func bytesHash(b []byte, seed uintptr) uintptr
func int32Hash(i uint32, seed uintptr) uintptr
func int64Hash(i uint64, seed uintptr) uintptr
var HaveGoodHash = haveGoodHash
var StringHash = stringHash
var BytesHash = bytesHash
var Int32Hash = int32Hash
var Int64Hash = int64Hash
var hashLoad float64 // declared in hashmap.c
var HashLoad = &hashLoad
func memclrBytes(b []byte)
var MemclrBytes = memclrBytes
func gogoBytes() int32
var GogoBytes = gogoBytes