runtime: drive proportional sweep directly off heap_live

Currently, proportional sweep maintains its own count of how many
bytes have been allocated since the beginning of the sweep cycle so it
can compute how many pages need to be swept for a given allocation.

However, this requires a somewhat complex reimbursement scheme since
proportional sweep must be done before a span is allocated, but we
don't know how many bytes to charge until we've allocated a span. This
means that the allocated byte count used by proportional sweep can go
up and down, which has led to underflow bugs in the past (#18043) and
is going to interfere with adjusting sweep pacing on-the-fly (for #19076).

This approach also means we're maintaining a statistic that is very
closely related to heap_live, but has a different 0 value. This is
particularly confusing because the sweep ratio is computed based on
heap_live, so you have to understand that these two statistics are
very closely related.

Replace all of this and compute the sweep debt directly from the
current value of heap_live. To make this work, we simply save the
value of heap_live when the sweep ratio is computed to use as a
"basis" for later computing the sweep debt.

This eliminates the need for reimbursement as well as the code for
maintaining the sweeper's version of the live heap size.

For #19076.

Coincidentally fixes #18043, since this eliminates sweep reimbursement

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