runtime: avoid possible preemption when returning from Go to C

When returning from Go to C, it was possible for the goroutine to be
preempted after calling unlockOSThread. This could happen when there
a context function installed by SetCgoTraceback set a non-zero context,
leading to a defer call in cgocallbackg1. The defer function wrapper,
introduced in 1.17 as part of the regabi support, was not nosplit,
and hence was a potential preemption point. If it did get preempted,
the G would move to a new M. It would then attempt to return to C
code on a different stack, typically leading to a SIGSEGV.

Fix this in a simple way by postponing the unlockOSThread until after
the other defer. Also check for the failure condition and fail early,
rather than waiting for a SIGSEGV.

Without the fix to cgocall.go, the test case fails about 50% of the
time on my laptop.

Fixes #47441

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