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This PR will be imported into Gerrit with the title and first
comment (this text) used to generate the subject and body of
the Gerrit change.
**Please ensure you adhere to every item in this list.**
More info can be found at
+ The PR title is formatted as follows: `net/http: frob the quux before blarfing`
+ The package name goes before the colon
+ The part after the colon uses the verb tense + phrase that completes the blank in,
"This change modifies Go to ___________"
+ Lowercase verb after the colon
+ No trailing period
+ Keep the title as short as possible. ideally under 76 characters or shorter
+ No Markdown
+ The first PR comment (this one) is wrapped at 76 characters, unless it's
really needed (ASCII art, table, or long link)
+ If there is a corresponding issue, add either `Fixes #1234` or `Updates #1234`
(the latter if this is not a complete fix) to this comment
+ If referring to a repo other than `golang/go` you can use the
`owner/repo#issue_number` syntax: `Fixes golang/tools#1234`
+ We do not use Signed-off-by lines in Go. Please don't add them.
Our Gerrit server & GitHub bots enforce CLA compliance instead.
+ Delete these instructions once you have read and applied them