go/doc: support examples on methods from embedded unexported types


  type T1 struct { t2 }
  type t2 int
  func (t2) M()

T1 has method M because it embeds t2, which has M. Classify
the example

  func ExampleT1_M

with T1 instead of ignoring it, as is done currently. There is no
other way to provide an example for such a method, since its original
type is unexported.

Continue to ignore examples on methods from embedded types that are
exported, unless in AllMethods mode. Examples for those methods could
be written on the original type.

The change involves removing a check in classifyExamples. The check
isn't necessary to get the above behavior because
reader.collectEmbeddedMethods and sortedFuncs already generate the
appropriate list of methods.

For #40172.

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