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// Copyright 2010 The Go Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style
// license that can be found in the LICENSE file.
package try
import (
"regexp" // Used as the package to try.
// The global functions in package regexp at time of writing.
// Doesn't need to be updated unless the entries in this list become invalid.
var functions = map[string]interface{}{
"Compile": regexp.Compile,
"Match": regexp.Match,
"MatchString": regexp.MatchString,
"MustCompile": regexp.MustCompile,
"QuoteMeta": regexp.QuoteMeta,
// A wraps arguments to make the test cases nicer to read.
func A(args ...interface{}) []interface{} {
return args
type Test struct {
firstArg string // only needed if there is exactly one argument
result string // minus final newline; might be just the godoc string
args []interface{}
var testRE = regexp.MustCompile("a(.)(.)d")
var tests = []Test{
// A simple expression. The final value is a slice in case the expression is multivalue.
{"3+4", "3+4 = 7", A([]interface{}{7})},
// A search for a function.
{"", "regexp QuoteMeta", A("([])", `\(\[\]\)`)},
// A search for a function with multiple return values.
{"", "regexp MatchString", A("abc", "xabcd", true, nil)},
// Searches for methods.
{"", "regexp MatchString", A(testRE, "xabcde", true)},
{"", "regexp NumSubexp", A(testRE, 2)},
func TestAll(t *testing.T) {
re := regexp.MustCompile(".*// godoc ")
for _, test := range tests {
b := new(bytes.Buffer)
output = b
Main("regexp", test.firstArg, functions, test.args)
expect := test.result + "\n"
got := re.ReplaceAllString(b.String(), "")
if got != expect {
t.Errorf("expected %q; got %q", expect, got)