os/user: implement go native GroupIds

Currently, GroupIds (a method that returns supplementary group IDs
for a user) is not implemented when cgo is not available, or osusergo
build tag is set, or the underlying OS lacks getgrouplist(3).

This adds a native Go implementation of GroupIds (which parses
/etc/group) for such cases, together with some tests.

This implementation is used:
 - when cgo is not available;
 - when osusergo build tag is set;
 - on AIX (which lacks getgrouplist(3));
 - on Illumos (which only recently added getgrouplist(3)).

This commit moves listgroups_unix.go to cgo_listgroups_unix.go, and adds
listgroups_unix.go which implements the feature.

NOTE the +build equivalent of go:build expression in listgroups_unix.go
is not provided as it is going to be bulky. Go 1.17 already prefers
go:build over +build, and no longer fail if a file contains go:build
without +build, so the absence of +build is not a problem even with Go
1.17, and this code is targeted for Go 1.18.

Updates #14709
Updates #30563

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