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// Copyright 2009 The Go Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style
// license that can be found in the LICENSE file.
package syscall
//sys Chown(path string, uid int, gid int) (errno int)
//sys Fchown(fd int, uid int, gid int) (errno int)
//sys Fstat(fd int, stat *Stat_t) (errno int)
//sys Fstatfs(fd int, buf *Statfs_t) (errno int)
//sys Getegid() (egid int)
//sys Geteuid() (euid int)
//sys Getgid() (gid int)
//sys Getuid() (uid int)
//sys Ioperm(from int, num int, on int) (errno int)
//sys Iopl(level int) (errno int)
//sys Lchown(path string, uid int, gid int) (errno int)
//sys Listen(s int, n int) (errno int)
//sys Lstat(path string, stat *Stat_t) (errno int)
//sys Seek(fd int, offset int64, whence int) (off int64, errno int) = SYS_LSEEK
//sys Select(nfd int, r *FdSet, w *FdSet, e *FdSet, timeout *Timeval) (n int, errno int)
//sys Setfsgid(gid int) (errno int)
//sys Setfsuid(uid int) (errno int)
//sys Setgid(gid int) (errno int)
//sys Setregid(rgid int, egid int) (errno int)
//sys Setresgid(rgid int, egid int, sgid int) (errno int)
//sys Setresuid(ruid int, euid int, suid int) (errno int)
//sys Setreuid(ruid int, euid int) (errno int)
//sys Shutdown(fd int, how int) (errno int)
//sys Stat(path string, stat *Stat_t) (errno int)
//sys Statfs(path string, buf *Statfs_t) (errno int)
//sys SyncFileRange(fd int, off int64, n int64, flags int) (errno int)
//sys accept(s int, rsa *RawSockaddrAny, addrlen *_Socklen) (fd int, errno int)
//sys bind(s int, addr uintptr, addrlen _Socklen) (errno int)
//sys connect(s int, addr uintptr, addrlen _Socklen) (errno int)
//sys getgroups(n int, list *_Gid_t) (nn int, errno int)
//sys setgroups(n int, list *_Gid_t) (errno int)
//sys setsockopt(s int, level int, name int, val uintptr, vallen int) (errno int)
//sys socket(domain int, typ int, proto int) (fd int, errno int)
//sys getpeername(fd int, rsa *RawSockaddrAny, addrlen *_Socklen) (errno int)
//sys getsockname(fd int, rsa *RawSockaddrAny, addrlen *_Socklen) (errno int)
//sys recvfrom(fd int, p []byte, flags int, from *RawSockaddrAny, fromlen *_Socklen) (n int, errno int)
//sys sendto(s int, buf []byte, flags int, to uintptr, addrlen _Socklen) (errno int)
func Getpagesize() int { return 4096 }
func TimespecToNsec(ts Timespec) int64 { return int64(ts.Sec)*1e9 + int64(ts.Nsec) }
func NsecToTimespec(nsec int64) (ts Timespec) {
ts.Sec = nsec / 1e9
ts.Nsec = nsec % 1e9
func TimevalToNsec(tv Timeval) int64 { return int64(tv.Sec)*1e9 + int64(tv.Usec)*1e3 }
func NsecToTimeval(nsec int64) (tv Timeval) {
nsec += 999 // round up to microsecond
tv.Sec = nsec / 1e9
tv.Usec = nsec % 1e9 / 1e3
func (r *PtraceRegs) PC() uint64 { return r.Rip }
func (r *PtraceRegs) SetPC(pc uint64) { r.Rip = pc }