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[gccgo] skip # gccgo does not have standard packages
[short] skip
# Run go test -json on errors m/empty/pkg and m/skipper
# It would be nice to test that the output is interlaced
# but it seems to be impossible to do that in a short test
# that isn't also flaky. Just check that we get JSON output.
go test -json -short -v errors m/empty/pkg m/skipper
# Check errors for run action
stdout '"Package":"errors"'
stdout '"Action":"run","Package":"errors"'
# Check m/empty/pkg for output and skip actions
stdout '"Action":"output","Package":"m/empty/pkg","Output":".*no test files'
stdout '"Action":"skip","Package":"m/empty/pkg"'
# Check skipper for output and skip actions
stdout '"Action":"output","Package":"m/skipper","Test":"Test","Output":"--- SKIP:'
stdout '"Action":"skip","Package":"m/skipper","Test":"Test"'
# Run go test -json on errors and check it's cached
go test -json -short -v errors
stdout '"Action":"output","Package":"errors","Output":".*\(cached\)'
go test -json -bench=NONE -short -v errors
stdout '"Package":"errors"'
stdout '"Action":"run"'
# Test running test2json
go test -o $WORK/tmp/errors.test$GOEXE -c errors
go tool test2json -p errors $WORK/tmp/errors.test$GOEXE -test.v -test.short
stdout '"Package":"errors"'
stdout '"Action":"run"'
stdout '\{"Action":"pass","Package":"errors"\}'
-- go.mod --
module m
go 1.16
-- skipper/skip_test.go --
package skipper
import "testing"
func Test(t *testing.T) {
-- empty/pkg/pkg.go --
package p
-- empty/pkgtest/pkg.go --
package p
-- empty/pkgtest/test_test.go --
package p
-- empty/pkgtestxtest/pkg.go --
package p
-- empty/pkgtestxtest/test_test.go --
package p
-- empty/pkgtestxtest/xtest_test.go --
package p_test
-- empty/pkgxtest/pkg.go --
package p
-- empty/pkgxtest/xtest_test.go --
package p_test
-- empty/test/test_test.go --
package p
-- empty/testxtest/test_test.go --
package p
-- empty/testxtest/xtest_test.go --
package p_test
-- empty/xtest/xtest_test.go --
package p_test