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# Run parallel chatty tests. Assert on CONT lines. This test makes sure that
# multiple parallel outputs have the appropriate CONT lines between them.
go test -parallel 3 chatty_parallel_test.go -v
stdout -count=2 '^=== CONT TestChattyParallel/sub-0\n chatty_parallel_test.go:32: this is sub-0$'
stdout -count=2 '^=== CONT TestChattyParallel/sub-1\n chatty_parallel_test.go:32: this is sub-1$'
stdout -count=2 '^=== CONT TestChattyParallel/sub-2\n chatty_parallel_test.go:32: this is sub-2$'
# Run parallel chatty tests with -json. Assert on CONT lines as above - make
# sure there are CONT lines before each output line.
go test -json -parallel 3 chatty_parallel_test.go -v
stdout -count=2 '{"Time":"[0-9TZ:.+-]{20,40}","Action":"output","Package":"command-line-arguments","Test":"TestChattyParallel/sub-0","Output":"=== CONT TestChattyParallel/sub-0\\n"}\n{"Time":"[0-9TZ:.+-]{20,40}","Action":"output","Package":"command-line-arguments","Test":"TestChattyParallel/sub-0","Output":" chatty_parallel_test.go:32: this is sub-0\\n"}'
stdout -count=2 '{"Time":"[0-9TZ:.+-]{20,40}","Action":"output","Package":"command-line-arguments","Test":"TestChattyParallel/sub-1","Output":"=== CONT TestChattyParallel/sub-1\\n"}\n{"Time":"[0-9TZ:.+-]{20,40}","Action":"output","Package":"command-line-arguments","Test":"TestChattyParallel/sub-1","Output":" chatty_parallel_test.go:32: this is sub-1\\n"}'
stdout -count=2 '{"Time":"[0-9TZ:.+-]{20,40}","Action":"output","Package":"command-line-arguments","Test":"TestChattyParallel/sub-2","Output":"=== CONT TestChattyParallel/sub-2\\n"}\n{"Time":"[0-9TZ:.+-]{20,40}","Action":"output","Package":"command-line-arguments","Test":"TestChattyParallel/sub-2","Output":" chatty_parallel_test.go:32: this is sub-2\\n"}'
-- chatty_parallel_test.go --
package chatty_parallel_test
import (
// This test ensures the order of CONT lines in parallel chatty tests.
func TestChattyParallel(t *testing.T) {
// The number of concurrent tests running. This is closely tied to the
// -parallel test flag, so we grab it from the flag rather than setting it
// to some constant.
parallel := flag.Lookup("test.parallel").Value.(flag.Getter).Get().(int)
// ready is a synchronization mechanism that causes subtests to execute
// round robin.
ready := make([]chan bool, parallel)
for i := range ready {
ready[i] = make(chan bool, 1)
ready[0] <- true
for i := range ready {
i := i
t.Run(fmt.Sprintf("sub-%d", i), func(t *testing.T) {
for j := 0; j < 2; j++ {
t.Logf("this is sub-%d", i)
ready[(i+1)%len(ready)] <- true