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# 'go mod tidy' for a Go 1.17 module should by
# default preserve enough checksums for the module to be used by Go 1.16.
# We don't have a copy of Go 1.16 handy, but we can simulate it by editing the
# 'go' version in the go.mod file to 1.16, without actually updating the
# requirements to match.
[short] skip
env MODFMT='{{with .Module}}{{.Path}} {{.Version}}{{end}}'
# This module selects the same versions in Go 1.16 and 1.17 for all modules
# that provide packages (or test dependencies of packages) imported by the
# main module. However, in Go 1.16 it selects a higher version of a
# transitive module dependency that is not otherwise relevant to the main module.
# As a result, Go 1.16 needs an additional checksum for the go.mod file of
# that irrelevant dependency.
# The Go 1.16 module graph looks like:
# m ---- lazy v0.1.0 ---- incompatible v1.0.0
# |
# + ------------- requireincompatible v0.1.0 ---- incompatible v2.0.0+incompatible
cp go.mod go.mod.orig
go mod tidy
cmp go.mod go.mod.orig
go list -deps -test -f $MODFMT all
cp stdout out-117.txt
go mod edit -go=1.16
go list -deps -test -f $MODFMT all
cmp stdout out-117.txt
# If we explicitly drop compatibility with 1.16, we retain fewer checksums,
# which gives a cleaner go.sum file but causes 1.16 to fail in readonly mode.
cp go.mod.orig go.mod
go mod tidy -compat=1.17
cmp go.mod go.mod.orig
go list -deps -test -f $MODFMT all
cmp stdout out-117.txt
go mod edit -go=1.16
! go list -deps -test -f $MODFMT all
# TODO(#46160): -count=1 instead of -count=2.
stderr -count=2 '^go: requires\n\ missing go.sum entry; to add it:\n\tgo mod download$'
-- go.mod --
// Module m imports packages from the same versions under Go 1.17
// as under Go 1.16, but under 1.16 its (implicit) external test dependencies
// are higher.
go 1.17
replace ( v0.1.0 => ./lazy v0.1.0 => ./requireincompatible
require v0.1.0
-- m.go --
package m
import _ ""
-- lazy/go.mod --
// Module lazy requires v1.0.0.
// When viewed from the outside it also has a transitive dependency
// on v2.0.0+incompatible, but in lazy mode that transitive dependency
// is pruned out.
go 1.17
exclude v2.0.0+incompatible
require ( v1.0.0 v0.1.0
-- lazy/lazy.go --
package lazy
-- lazy/unimported/unimported.go --
package unimported
import _ ""
-- requireincompatible/go.mod --
go 1.15
require v2.0.0+incompatible