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# When we attempt to resolve an import that doesn't exist, we should not save
# hashes for downloaded modules.
# Verifies
# TODO( use 'go mod tidy -e' when implemented.
go list -e -mod=mod -tags=ignore ./noexist
! exists go.sum
# When an import is resolved successfully, we should only save hashes for
# the module that provides the package, not for other modules looked up.
# Verifies
go get -d ./exist
grep '^ v1.1.0 h1:' go.sum
! grep '^' go.sum
cp go.sum go.list.sum
go mod tidy
cmp go.sum go.list.sum
-- go.mod --
module m
go 1.15
-- noexist/use.go --
// ignore tags prevents errors in 'go mod tidy'
// +build ignore
package use
import _ ""
-- exist/use.go --
package use
import _ ""