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# 'go list -m' should not require go.sum with
# -versions or when all args are version queries.
go mod init m
go mod edit
go list -m -mod=readonly
stdout '^rsc\.io/quote v1\.5\.2$'
! stderr .
go list -m -mod=readonly -versions
stdout 'rsc\.io/quote v1\.0\.0 .* v1\.5\.3-pre1$'
! stderr .
# Incidentally fetching the required version of a module records its checksum,
# just because it happens to be in the build list, and recording the checksum
# triggers an error under -mod=readonly.
# TODO(#41297): This should not be an error.
! go list -m -mod=readonly<v1.5.2
stderr '^go: updates to go.sum needed, disabled by -mod=readonly$'
! stderr 'missing go.sum entry'
# Attempting to list the versions of a module that is not a root dependency
# causes the build list to be resolved (so that the selected version can *also*
# be identified, even though it is not relevant to this particular output).
# That, in turn, causes us to need checksums for the go.sum files for the
# modules in the module graph.
# TODO(#41297): This should not be an error either.
! go list -m -mod=readonly -versions
stderr '^go list -m: rsc\.io/quote@v1\.5\.1: missing go\.sum entry; to add it:\n\tgo mod download rsc\.io/quote$'