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# Regression test for
# When resolving a missing import path, the inability to add the package from
# one module path should not interfere with adding a nested path.
# Initially, our module depends on split-incompatible v2.1.0-pre+incompatible,
# from which an imported package has been removed (and relocated to the nested
# split-incompatible/subpkg module). modload.QueryPattern will suggest
# split-incompatible v2.0.0+incompatible, which we cannot use (because it would
# be an implicit downgrade), and split-incompatible/subpkg v0.1.0, which we
# *should* use.
go mod tidy
go list -m all
stdout '^ v0\.1\.0$'
! stdout '^ .*'
-- go.mod --
go 1.16
require v2.1.0-pre+incompatible
-- x.go --
package issue41113
import _ ""