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# Checks that an identical binary is built with -trimpath from the same
# source files, with GOROOT in two different locations.
# Verifies
[short] skip
[!symlink] skip
# Symlink the compiler to a local path
env GOROOT=$WORK/goroot1
# Set up fresh GOCACHE
env GOCACHE=$WORK/gocache1
mkdir $GOCACHE
# Build a simple binary
go build -o binary1 -trimpath -x main.go
# Now repeat the same process with the compiler at a different local path
env GOROOT=$WORK/goroot2
env GOCACHE=$WORK/gocache2
mkdir $GOCACHE
go build -o binary2 -trimpath -x main.go
# Check that the binaries match exactly
go tool buildid binary1
cp stdout buildid1
go tool buildid binary2
cp stdout buildid2
cmp buildid1 buildid2
-- main.go --
package main
func main() {}