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[!cgo] skip
# Set CC explicitly to something that requires a PATH lookup.
# Normally, the default is gcc or clang, but if CC was set during make.bash,
# that becomes the default.
[exec:clang] env CC=clang
[exec:gcc] env CC=gcc
[!exec:clang] [!exec:gcc] skip 'Unknown C compiler'
env GOCACHE=$WORK/gocache # Looking for compile flags, so need a clean cache.
[!windows] env PATH=.:$PATH
[!windows] chmod 0755 p/gcc p/clang
[!windows] exists -exec p/gcc p/clang
[windows] exists -exec p/gcc.bat p/clang.bat
! exists p/bug.txt
! go build -x
stderr '^cgo: exec (clang|gcc): (clang|gcc) resolves to executable relative to current directory \(.[/\\](clang|gcc)(.bat)?\)$'
! exists p/bug.txt
-- go.mod --
module m
-- m.go --
package m
import _ "m/p"
-- p/p.go --
package p
// #define X 1
import "C"
-- p/gcc --
echo ran gcc >bug.txt
-- p/clang --
echo ran clang >bug.txt
-- p/gcc.bat --
echo ran gcc >bug.txt
-- p/clang.bat --
echo ran clang >bug.txt