os: make Lstat for symlinks on Windows consistent with POSIX

This also makes path/filepath.Walk more consistent between
Windows and POSIX platforms.

According to
symlinks in a path that includes a trailing slash must be resolved
before a function acts on that path.

POSIX defines an lstat function, whereas the Win32 API does not, so
Go's os.Lstat should follow the (defined) POSIX semantics instead of
doing something arbitrarily different.

CL 134195 added a test for the correct POSIX behavior when os.Lstat is
called on a symlink. However, the test turned out to be broken on Windows,
and when it was fixed (in CL 143578) it was fixed with different Lstat
behavior on Windows than on all other platforms that support symlinks.

In #50807 we are attempting to provide consistent symlink behavior for
cmd/go. This unnecessary platform difference, if left uncorrected,
will make that fix much more difficult.

CL 460595 reworked the implementation of Stat and Lstat on Windows,
and with the new implementation this fix is straightforward.

For #50807.
Updates #27225.

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