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// run -gcflags=-G=3
// Copyright 2021 The Go Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style
// lice
package main
import "fmt"
// Overriding the predeclare "any", so it can be used as a type constraint or a type
// argument
type any interface{}
type _Function[a, b any] interface {
Apply(x a) b
type incr struct{ n int }
func (this incr) Apply(x int) int {
return x + this.n
type pos struct{}
func (this pos) Apply(x int) bool {
return x > 0
type compose[a, b, c any] struct {
f _Function[a, b]
g _Function[b, c]
func (this compose[a, b, c]) Apply(x a) c {
return this.g.Apply(this.f.Apply(x))
type _Eq[a any] interface {
Equal(a) bool
type Int int
func (this Int) Equal(that int) bool {
return int(this) == that
type _List[a any] interface {
Match(casenil _Function[_Nil[a], any], casecons _Function[_Cons[a], any]) any
type _Nil[a any] struct{
func (xs _Nil[a]) Match(casenil _Function[_Nil[a], any], casecons _Function[_Cons[a], any]) any {
return casenil.Apply(xs)
type _Cons[a any] struct {
Head a
Tail _List[a]
func (xs _Cons[a]) Match(casenil _Function[_Nil[a], any], casecons _Function[_Cons[a], any]) any {
return casecons.Apply(xs)
type mapNil[a, b any] struct{
func (m mapNil[a, b]) Apply(_ _Nil[a]) any {
return _Nil[b]{}
type mapCons[a, b any] struct {
f _Function[a, b]
func (m mapCons[a, b]) Apply(xs _Cons[a]) any {
return _Cons[b]{m.f.Apply(xs.Head), _Map[a, b](m.f, xs.Tail)}
func _Map[a, b any](f _Function[a, b], xs _List[a]) _List[b] {
return xs.Match(mapNil[a, b]{}, mapCons[a, b]{f}).(_List[b])
func main() {
var xs _List[int] = _Cons[int]{3, _Cons[int]{6, _Nil[int]{}}}
var ys _List[int] = _Map[int, int](incr{-5}, xs)
var xz _List[bool] = _Map[int, bool](pos{}, ys)
cs1 := xz.(_Cons[bool])
cs2 := cs1.Tail.(_Cons[bool])
_, ok := cs2.Tail.(_Nil[bool])
if cs1.Head != false || cs2.Head != true || !ok {
panic(fmt.Sprintf("got %v, %v, %v, expected false, true, true",
cs1.Head, cs2.Head, ok))