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Sample Presentation
Demonstration of present tool features
15:04 2 Jan 2006
Tags: foo, bar, baz
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* Introduction
Presentation intended to demonstrate all `present` features.
* Text
Some Text
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: Presenter notes
.link Link to
Markup_especially_italic_text_can easily be overused.
_Why_use_scoped__ptr_? Use plain ***ptr* instead.
* Image
.image gopher.jpg _ 400
.caption [[][Public Domain Gophers]] provided by [[][Egon Elbre]]
* Vector Graphics
.image gopher.svg _ 400
* Background
.background gopher.jpg
* Code
Hello World in Go!
.code hello.go
We can extract the main function and highlight interesting parts
.code hello.go /func main/,/^}/ HLhello
Note that lines with `OMIT` are excluded
.code hello.go /START HELLO/,/END HELLO/
* Play
We can even embed playable code
.play hello.go /func main/,/^}/
We can include arbitrary HTML from files:
.html embed.html
* Iframe
Or we can embed entire pages as iframes
.iframe iframe.html 400 600 http://foo label