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<p>GoDoc hosts documentation for <a href="">Go</a>
packages on <a href="">Bitbucket</a>, <a
href="">GitHub</a>, <a
href="">Launchpad</a> and <a
href="">Google Project Hosting</a>.
<p>The source code for GoDoc is available <a
href="">on GitHub</a>.
<p>GoDoc displays documentation for GOOS=linux unless otherwise noted at the
bottom of the documentation page.
<h4 id="howto">Add a package to GoDoc</h4>
<p>GoDoc generates documentation from Go source code. The <a
for writing documentation for the <a
href="">godoc</a> tool apply to GoDoc.
<p>It's important to write a good summary of the package in the first sentence
of the package comment. GoDoc indexes the first sentence and displays the first
sentence in package lists.
<p>To add a package to GoDoc, <a href="/">search</a> for the package by import
path. If GoDoc does not already have the documentation for the package, then
GoDoc will fetch the source from the version control system on the fly and add
the documentation.
<p>GoDoc checks for package updates once per day. You can force GoDoc to update
the documentation immediately by clicking the refresh link at the bottom of the
package documentation page.
<p>GoDoc crawls package imports and child directories to find new packages.
<h4 id="remove">Remove a package from GoDoc</h4>
GoDoc automatically removes packages deleted from the version control system
when GoDoc checks for updates to the package. You can force GoDoc to remove a
deleted package immediately by clicking the refresh link at the bottom of the
package documentation page.
If you do not want GoDoc to display documentation for your package, send mail
to with the import path of the path of the package
that you want to remove.
<h4 id="feedback">Feedback</h4>
<p>Send your ideas, feature requests and questions to the <a href="">golang-dev mailing list</a>.
Report bugs using the <a href="">GitHub Issue Tracker</a>.
<h4 id="shortcuts">Keyboard Shortcuts</h4>
<p>GoDoc has keyboard shortcuts for navigating package documentation
pages. Type '?' on a package page for help.
<h4 id="bookmarklet">Bookmarklet</h4>
<p>The GoDoc bookmarklet navigates from pages on Bitbucket, GitHub Launchpad
and Google Project Hosting to the package documentation. To install the
bookmarklet, click and drag the following link to your bookmark bar: <a
<h4>More Documentation</h4>
<p>More documentation about GoDoc is available on <a href="">the project's GitHub wiki</a>.