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<h1>Go Sub-repository Packages</h1>
These packages are part of the Go Project but outside the main Go tree. They are developed under looser compatibility requirements than the Go core.
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{{template "subrepo" map "name" "blog" "desc" "the content and server program for"}}
{{template "subrepo" map "name" "crypto" "desc" "additional cryptography packages."}}
{{template "subrepo" map "name" "exp" "desc" "experimental code (handle with care)."}}
{{template "subrepo" map "name" "image" "desc" "additional imaging packages."}}
{{template "subrepo" map "name" "mobile" "desc" "libraries and build tools for Go on Android."}}
{{template "subrepo" map "name" "net" "desc" "additional networking packages."}}
{{template "subrepo" map "name" "sys" "desc" "for low-level interactions with the operating system."}}
{{template "subrepo" map "name" "talks" "desc" "the content and server program for"}}
{{template "subrepo" map "name" "text" "desc" "packages for working with text."}}
{{template "subrepo" map "name" "tools" "desc" "godoc, vet, cover, and other tools."}}
{{template "Pkgs" .pkgs}}
{{define "subrepo"}}<li><a href="{{.name}}/+/master">{{.name}}</a> — {{.desc}}{{end}}