trace: update gen.bash for oldtrace and make it work seamlessly

Currently gen.bash doesn't work out-of-the-box because it doesn't
exactly replace contents in the trace directory in some cases. It also
may end up mutating the flight recorder files, which isn't great.

This change adds a special case for the flight recorder files, adds
support for oldtrace (which will be imported shortly), and also switches
to using rsync, which is more robust than cp for the initial copy (and
should hopefully capture file deletions correctly as well).

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This subrepository holds experimental and deprecated (in the old directory) packages.

The idea for this subrepository originated as the pkg/exp directory of the main repository, but its presence there made it unavailable to users of the binary downloads of the Go installation. The subrepository has therefore been created to make it possible to go get these packages.

Warning: Packages here are experimental and unreliable. Some may one day be promoted to the main repository or other subrepository, or they may be modified arbitrarily or even disappear altogether.

In short, code in this subrepository is not subject to the Go 1 compatibility promise. (No subrepo is, but the promise is even more likely to be violated by go.exp than the others.)

Caveat emptor.