1.4 - 2016-07-25

  • #60 Support dynamic autocompletion
  • Fix ANSI parser on Windows
  • Fix wrong column width in complete mode on Windows
  • Remove dependent package “”

1.3 - 2016-05-09

  • #38 add SetChildren for prefix completer interface
  • #42 improve multiple lines compatibility
  • #43 remove sub-package(runes) for gopkg compatibility
  • #46 Auto complete with space prefixed line
  • #48 support suspend process (ctrl+Z)
  • #49 fix bug that check equals with previous command
  • #53 Fix bug which causes integer divide by zero panicking when input buffer is empty

1.2 - 2016-03-05

  • Add a demo for checking password strength example/readline-pass-strength, , written by @sahib
  • #23, support stdin remapping
  • #27, add a UniqueEditLine to Config, which will erase the editing line after user submited it, usually use in IM.
  • Add a demo for multiline example/readline-multiline which can submit one SQL by multiple lines.
  • Supports performs even stdin/stdout is not a tty.
  • Add a new simple apis for single instance, check by here. It need to save history manually if using this api.
  • #28, fixes the history is not working as expected.
  • #33, vim mode now support c, d, x (delete character), r (replace character)

1.1 - 2015-11-20

  • #12 Add support for key <Delete>/<Home>/<End>
  • Only enter raw mode as needed (calling Readline()), program will receive signal(e.g. Ctrl+C) if not interact with readline.
  • Bugs fixed for PrefixCompleter
  • Press Ctrl+D in empty line will cause io.EOF in error, Press Ctrl+C in anytime will cause ErrInterrupt instead of io.EOF, this will privodes a shell-like user experience.
  • Customable Interrupt/EOF prompt in Config
  • #17 Change atomic package to use 32bit function to let it runnable on arm 32bit devices
  • Provides a new password user experience(readline.ReadPasswordEx()).

1.0 - 2015-10-14

  • Initial public release.