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# Copyright 2017 The Go Authors. All rights reserved.
# Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style
# license that can be found in the LICENSE file.
set -ue
echo "Pushing go1.4, go1.9beta2 to buildlet"
gomote puttar -url "$BUILDLET"
gomote put14 "$BUILDLET"
echo "Building go (32-bit)"
gomote run -e GOARCH=386 -e GOHOSTARCH=386 -path 'C:/godep/gcc32/bin,$WORKDIR/go/bin,$PATH' -e 'GOROOT=c:\workdir\go' "$BUILDLET" go/src/make.bat
# Go1.8 has failing tests on some windows versions.
# Push a new release when avaliable or update this to use master.
echo "Running tests for go (32-bit)"
#gomote run -e GOARCH=386 -e GOHOSTARCH=386 -path 'C:/godep/gcc32/bin,$WORKDIR/go/bin,$PATH' -e 'GOROOT=C:\workdir\go' "$BUILDLET" go/bin/go.exe tool dist test -v --no-rebuild
echo "Building go (64-bit)"
gomote run -path '$PATH,C:/godep/gcc64/bin,$WORKDIR/go/bin,$PATH' -e 'GOROOT=c:\workdir\go' "$BUILDLET" go/src/make.bat
echo "Running tests for go (64-bit)"
#gomote run -path 'C:/godep/gcc64/bin,$WORKDIR/go/bin,$PATH' -e 'GOROOT=C:\workdir\go' "$BUILDLET" go/bin/go.exe tool dist test -v --no-rebuild