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// Copyright 2019 The Go Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style
// license that can be found in the LICENSE file.
package gophers_test
import (
// Test that a few people whose Gerrit emails have been broken
// in the past still have the expected Gerrit email. This test
// is mostly needed until is resolved.
func TestGerritEmail(t *testing.T) {
for _, tt := range []struct {
id string
want string
{id: "Andrew Bonventre", want: ""},
{id: "Carl Mastrangelo", want: ""},
{id: "Chris McGee", want: ""},
{id: "Eric Lagergren", want: ""},
{id: "Filippo Valsorda", want: ""},
{id: "Guillaume J. Charmes", want: ""},
{id: "Harshavardhana", want: ""},
{id: "Jean de Klerk", want: ""},
{id: "Joe Tsai", want: ""},
{id: "Martin Möhrmann", want: ""},
{id: "Matthew Dempsky", want: ""},
{id: "Olivier Poitrey", want: ""},
{id: "Paul Jolly", want: ""},
{id: "Ralph Corderoy", want: ""},
{id: "Raul Silvera", want: ""},
{id: "Richard Miller", want: ""},
{id: "Sebastien Binet", want: ""},
{id: "Tobias Klauser", want: ""},
{id: "Vitor De Mario", want: ""},
} {
p := gophers.GetPerson(
if p == nil {
t.Errorf("no person with id %q",
got := p.Gerrit
if got != tt.want {
t.Errorf("person with id %q now has Gerrit email %q but used to have %q; is that change intentional?",, got, tt.want)