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The Makefile in this directory creates a Google Compute Engine VM image to run the Go
DragonflyBSD builder, booting up to run the buildlet.
make must be run on a Linux box with qemu and a few additional packages:
apt-get install qemu-system-x86 qemu-utils expect genisoimage
To override the default Dragonfly version, set V= on the make command line:
make V=600
To add new Dragonfly versions, add lines to the "Database" in the Makefile
and perhaps change the V= line to update the default.
make upload-prod
builds and uploads the image. To replace an existing image, use
make delete-prod upload-prod
s/prod/staging/ to test in the staging cluster instead.
The VM needs to be run with the GCE metadata attribute "buildlet-binary-url" set to a URL
of the DragonflyBSD buildlet (cross-compiled, typically).
buildlet-binary-url ==
The buildlet rc script is lightly modified from ../freebsd-amd64.