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securitybot provides TryBot-like functionality for the internal private Go repository that is used for developing patches for security releases.

securitybot is not nearly as fully featured as the public TryBot functionality, and is meant to be a best effort attempt at providing basic testing for security patches.

securitybot operates in a loop, searching the private Gerrit instance for CLs which have the Run-TryBot+1 label, and are lacking either the TryBot-Result+1 or TryBot-Result-1 labels. It then executes the tests for each CL it finds serially. Since there is a low volume of security patches, it is not necessary to run tests for each CL in parallel. securitybot is not intended to be able to run concurrently.

Tests for each CL are executed by creating buildlets for each configured builder (currently just those that represent the first class ports) and executing the all.{bash,bat} script. Logs are stored in a GCS bucket, and updated every 5s while the tests are running.


Deploying a new version of securitybot can be done as follows:

docker build -f Dockerfile -t golang/security-trybots ../..
docker tag golang/security-trybots
docker push
kubectl rollout restart -f deployment.yaml

Setting up cluster

The cluster and service accounts have already been setup and configured, but in case this needs to be done again, the following commands were used. The second command binds the Kuberenetes service account (defined in deployment.yaml) to the GCP service account.

gcloud container \
  --project "go-security-trybots" \
  clusters create-auto "trybots" \
  --region "us-central1" \
  --release-channel "regular" \
  --network "projects/go-security-trybots/global/networks/default" \
  --subnetwork "projects/go-security-trybots/regions/us-central1/subnetworks/default" \
  --cluster-ipv4-cidr "/17" \
  --services-ipv4-cidr "/22"

gcloud iam service-accounts add-iam-policy-binding \
  --role roles/iam.workloadIdentityUser \
  --member "[default/security-trybots]" \