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Command releasebot runs a Go release.

The release happens in two stages:

  • the prepare stage checks preconditions, makes the release commit and mails it for review (if applicable), and performs testing;
  • the release stage runs after the release commit (if any) is merged, and it tags, builds and cleans up the release.


The user running a release will need:

  • A GitHub personal access token with the public_repo scope in ~/.github-issue-token, and an account with write access to golang/go
  • gomote access and a token in your name
  • gcloud application default credentials, and an account with GCS access to golang-org for bucket golang-release-staging
  • release-manager group membership on Gerrit
  • for -mode=mail-dl-cl only, Secret Manager access to Gerrit API secret
  • for -mode=tweet-* only, Secret Manager access to Twitter API secret

NOTE: all but the Gerrit permission are ensured by the bot on startup.