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Illumos Builder

This instructions for the Illumos builder that the Go team runs on Joyent.

Prep files from Linux

bradfitz@go:~/go/src$ GOOS=illumos GOARCH=amd64 BOOTSTRAP_FORMAT=mintgz ./bootstrap.bash
Writing gobootstrap-illumos-amd64-e883d000f4.tar.gz ...
-rw-r--r-- 1 bradfitz bradfitz 51647155 May 29 17:24 /home/bradfitz/gobootstrap-illumos-amd64-e883d000f4.tar.gz

bradfitz@go:~/go/src$ go install
bradfitz@go:~/go/src$ upload --file=/home/bradfitz/gobootstrap-illumos-amd64-e883d000f4.tar.gz --public go-builder-data/gobootstrap-illumos-amd64-e883d000f4.tar.gz

$ cd $GOPATH/src/
$ make buildlet.illumos-amd64
$ cd $GOPATH/src/
$ make buildlet-stage0.illumos-amd64

Create VM on Joyent

  • at least 2 CPUs, at least 1 GB ram. (I used g4-highcpu-4G somewhat arbitrarily)

Prep VM

bradfitz@go:~$ ssh -i ~/.ssh/id_rsa_golang2 root@$IP
# curl -O
# mkdir goboot
# cd goboot
# tar -zxvf ../gobootstrap-illumos-amd64-e883d000f4.tar.gz
# pkgin in gcc47
# rm /opt/local/sbin/mysqld
# rm /opt/local/sbin/httpd
# cat > /root/.gobuildkey-host-illumos-amd64-joyent
# curl -o /opt/buildlet-stage0
# chmod +x /opt/buildlet-stage0
# curl -O
# svccfg import buildlet.xml

The service should be running now. Shut down the machine and create an image from the Joyent web console.

If you need to debug, you can check status with:

svcs -x buildlet.xml

This will also give you the location to the log file.

If you need to change an environment variable, place this inside the start exec_method element:

       <envvar name="EXAMPLE" value="foo"/>

To debug an instance once it's running, you can ssh as:

$ ssh -i ~/.ssh/id_rsa_golang2 root@$IP

The key is at http://go/id_rsa_golang2