Windows buildlet images

Windows images are built by creating and configuring VMs in GCP then capturing the image to the GCP Project.

Prerequisite: Access internal network

The scripts assume the internal GCP network is accessible. To do this, create a linux VM in the project and SSH into the machine or use a VPN like sshuttle.


Build and test a single base image

Builds a buildlet from the BASE_IMAGE and sets it up with and An image is captured and then a new VM is created from that image and validated with test_buildlet.bash.

export BASE_IMAGE=windows-server-2016-dc-core-v20171010
export IMAGE_PROJECT=windows-cloud


Build all targets


Build/test golang

external_ip=$(gcloud compute instances describe golang-buildlet-test --project=${PROJECT_ID} --zone=${ZONE} --format="value(networkInterfaces[0].accessConfigs[0].natIP)")
./test_buildlet.bash $external_ip

Troubleshoot via remote access

./rdp.bash <instance_name>
./ssh.bash <instance_name>