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make.bash creates a Google Compute Engine VM image to run the Go
OpenBSD builder, booting up to run the buildlet.
make.bash should be run on a Linux box with expect and qemu.
Debian packages: expect qemu-utils qemu-system-x86 growisofs genisoimage.
After it completes, it creates a file openbsd-amd64-gce.tar.gz
gsutil cp -a public-read openbsd-amd64-gce.tar.gz gs://go-builder-data/openbsd-amd64-70.tar.gz
Or just use the web UI at:
gcloud compute --project symbolic-datum-552 images delete openbsd-amd64-70
gcloud compute --project symbolic-datum-552 images create openbsd-amd64-70 --source-uri gs://go-builder-data/openbsd-amd64-70.tar.gz
The VM needs to be run with the GCE metadata attribute "buildlet-binary-url" set to a URL
of the OpenBSD buildlet (cross-compiled, typically).
buildlet-binary-url ==