For VMs only

The Disk should be formatted with a case insensitive file system (default).

Install VMWare tools daemon.

  • The UI is supposed to be able to do this automatically, but it's broken as of writing.

  • Instead, mount darwin.iso from ISO/VMWARE TOOLS and run the installer from there.

  • open security preferences and click “Allow” on blocked software install from VMware

  • reboot

  • make sure you can run and see:

    $ /Library/Application Support/VMware Tools/vmware-tools-daemon --cmd “info-get” No value found

For all machine types

  • Turn on the computer.

  • Click through setup, connect to wifi, etc.

  • Full name: Gopher Gopherson

  • Account name: gopher

  • Password: with an exclamation mark

  • Decline as much as possible.

  • Set time zone to NY.

  • Open a terminal.

  • sudo visudo

    Change %admin ALL=(ALL) ALL to %admin ALL=(ALL) NOPASSWD: ALL.

  • sudo nvram boot-args="-v"

  • Install Go: download the latest tarball from

    tar -xf Downloads/go*.darwin-*.tar

    mv go $HOME/goboot

Create $HOME/

For VMs

while true; do (curl -v$(sw_vers -productVersion) | sh); sleep 5; done

For physical machines


set -x

mkdir -p ~/go/bin;
while true; do
  while ! curl -f -o ~/go/bin/buildlet "$url"; do
      echo "curl failed to fetch $url"
      echo "Sleeping before retrying..."
      sleep 2
  chmod +x ~/go/bin/buildlet

  mkdir -p /tmp/buildlet
  ~/go/bin/buildlet --reverse-type host-darwin-arm64-XX_0 --halt=false --workdir=/tmp/buildlet;
   sleep 2;

chmod +x $HOME/

  • Run Automator.
  • Create a new Application.
  • Add a “run shell script” item with the command: open -a $HOME/
  • Save it to the desktop as “run-builder”.

In System Preferences:

  • Software Update > Advanced > disable checking for updates
  • Desktop & Screensaver > uncheck show screensaver
  • Energy Saver > never turn off display, don't automatically sleep, start up after power failure
  • Sharing > enable ssh (leave the default administrators setting)
  • Users & Groups > Gopher Gopherson > Login Items > add run-builder
  • Users & Groups > Login Options > auto-login Gopher Gopherson

Install XCode:

Put a builder key in the usual spot.