content/go-maps-in-action: remove line about random iteration order

This article is cited as a source of confusion on whether map iteration is "random",
something that is objectively correct because woefully underdefined, but that some
have assumed to mean "uniformly random" - which is not:


Based on by Carlo Alberto Ferraris

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 To read from the counter, take the read lock:
 	n := counter.m["some_key"]
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 * Iteration order
 When iterating over a map with a range loop, the iteration order is not specified and is not guaranteed to be the same from one iteration to the next.
-Since the release of Go 1.0, the runtime has randomized map iteration order.
-Programmers had begun to rely on the stable iteration order of early versions of Go, which varied between implementations, leading to portability bugs.
 If you require a stable iteration order you must maintain a separate data structure that specifies that order.
 This example uses a separate sorted slice of keys to print a `map[int]string` in key order: