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 * Introduction
+*October*1,*2019,*Update:* _The_Go_Store_is_currently_offline._
 We are excited to launch the new [[][Go official swag and merch store]] shipping worldwide.
 We are even more excited to announce that *100%*of*the*proceeds* from the Go store go directly to GoBridge.
 [[][GoBridge]] is a non-profit organization focused on building bridges to educate underrepresented groups by teaching technical skills and fostering diversity in the Go community.
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 If we are out of stock when you go to place an order, check back again soon.
 Follow the [[][Twitter account]] for updates, we plan on adding new goodies for all our Go fans out there, so keep an eye out!
-If you find any issues, please [[][submit an issue prefixed with “GoStore”]] and we will aim to remedy it as soon as we can.
 Happy shopping!