content: ensure better semver versions in the v2 modules article

The Semantic Versioning specification at uses dots to
separate the numeric part of a pre-release version from the non-numeric
to ensure that they sort correctly.  Make the article comply.

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diff --git a/content/v2-go-modules.article b/content/v2-go-modules.article
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--- a/content/v2-go-modules.article
+++ b/content/v2-go-modules.article
@@ -150,8 +150,8 @@
 the new API. If we want users to be able to experiment with the new API before
 we officially make it stable, we can publish a `v2` pre-release version:
-    $ git tag v2.0.0-alpha1
-    $ git push origin v2.0.0-alpha1
+    $ git tag v2.0.0-alpha.1
+    $ git push origin v2.0.0-alpha.1
 Once we are happy with our `v2` API and are sure we don't need any other breaking