content: fix broken links and use HTTPS on godoc.article

The article contains links to code for strings.HasPrefix that reference
the wrong line number and URL to search for "Deprecated:" identifier
which also not working anymore.

This commit fix the line number link for strings.HasPrefix and
remove the line that describe examples for searching "Deprecated:"

While at it, use HTTPS for link to Docstring and update the link
on Javadoc to latest location (according to the page redirect URL).

Signed-off-by: shulhan <>
Change-Id: Ife267af49c0816df2b3934d075c7a9a09eaac83e
Reviewed-by: Ian Lance Taylor <>
diff --git a/content/godoc.article b/content/godoc.article
index d2a5c82..0e0a345 100644
--- a/content/godoc.article
+++ b/content/godoc.article
@@ -26,10 +26,10 @@
 as HTML or plain text.
 The end result is documentation tightly coupled with the code it documents.
 For example, through godoc's web interface you can navigate from a function's
-[documentation]( to its [implementation]( with one click.
+[documentation]( to its [implementation]( with one click.
-Godoc is conceptually related to Python's [Docstring](
-and Java's [Javadoc](,
+Godoc is conceptually related to Python's [Docstring](
+and Java's [Javadoc](
 but its design is simpler.
 The comments read by godoc are not language constructs (as with Docstring)
 nor must they have their own machine-readable syntax (as with Javadoc).
@@ -88,7 +88,6 @@
 To signal that an identifier should not be used, add a paragraph to its doc
 comment that begins with "Deprecated:" followed by some information about the
-There are a few examples [in the standard library](
 There are a few formatting rules that Godoc uses when converting comments to HTML: