ppc64asm,ppc64map: update for ISA 3.1

Likewise, add all missing ISA 3.0 instructions.

This table is generated in a two-step process.

1. Parse ISA 3.1 Appendix F.
2. Scan ISA for descriptions
3. Sort to match old ISA (and check for bugs)
   and append new insn to bottom

A second patch will reformat these instructions into
a sorting order of the ISA 3.1 appendix F, that is
by version then alphabetically. This intermediate
patch ensures we don't regress, and helped catch
quite a few ISA 3.1 typos.

The tooling is left in another repo, and is loosely
based on the spec.go tooling for ppc64.

Notably, transaction memory instructions are effectively
removed in ISA 3.1, and some shuffling of descriptions
has result in cmp*/li/lis becoming extended mnemonics
instead, thus they go away. VLE/SPE/embedded instructions
are also removed. They were never used, and have been
removed since ISA 3.0.

Similarly, the new ISA introduces prefixed instructions
using opcode 1. They are encoded like two instruction
words. However, it should be noted prefixes cannot be
applied to any instruction, only those specifically
enumerated in the documentation. Likewise, what would
be the primary opcode of the suffixed instruction is
not always identical to it's non-prefixed counterpart.

A number of small changes have been made to the parser
to accomodate new instructions and minor changes to
existing ones.

Note, DCBI was a book iii-e instruction in ISA 2.07, and
only emulated on P8, and the opcode is reserved in newer

Note, isel BI decoding is slightly different than gnu.
It is much more readable to decode like other condition
register BI fields. Similarly, paste. and mtfsf* like
instruction decoding is improved to match the newer ISA.

Note, book ii extended mnemonics are mostly ignored.
These are inconsistently described in the documentation,
and most should never appear in golang compiled code.
We do handle the exceptional cases for some, such as the
hwsync/lwsync and the l*arx instructions.

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