vendor: migrate from govendor to go mod vendor

The package was added to the vendor directory 5 years ago
in CL 13968, back when the vendor directory was a part of the Go 1.5
vendor experiment.

The vendor.json file was written by hand in a format compatible with
the govendor tool. By now, that tool has been deprecated in favor of
the go command in module mode.

A go.mod file requiring a newer version of was added in
CL 167137. Modify the vendor directory to use the newer
version by recreating vendor directory using go command in Go 1.14:

	rm -rf vendor
	go mod vendor

It's possible the vendor directory isn't needed anymore and can be
safely deleted in a future change. The scope of this CL is only to
migrate from the deprecated govendor tool to the supported go tool;
deleting the vendor directory can still be done in a future change.

Remove the explicit mention of Go 1.5 vendor experiment from README
since it's old, and not relevant by now. Add a contributing section.

Updates golang/go#30228
Updates golang/go#33848

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This repository holds machine architecture information used by the Go toolchain. The parts needed in the main Go repository are copied in.

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